And Then I Got Famous

A projection show displaying the rich, diverse musical history that has defined the University of Washington, Seattle campus.


Melissa Takai, Joe Jang

Photo Editing, Research, Environmental Mock-ups

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects

Honoring the Past

For more than 30 years, the university has hosted a wide variety of musical performances, film screenings, and other forms of entertainment for its students. Many of these acts soon went on to achieve legendary status in pop culture — artists like Nirvana, Kendrick Lamar, and more. We wanted to recognize this rich history and bring it to the forefront for unknowing students. In collaboration with ASUW Arts + Entertainment, a student-led organization that works to bring programming to the university, we developed a projection show that would precede the annual Fall concert to welcome students back to campus.


And Then I Got Famous, a short film.

With the uncertainty of what life will be like post-pandemic, we developed a hybrid experience for our projection show that can be viewed in person and online via livestream. In the video edited by Melissa Takai, it displays what the show could look like from both perspectives.

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