Ethnic Aisle

A conference identity empowering people of color to celebrate their cultures, shape their own narratives, and reclaim their place in America; one plate at a time.



Melissa Takai

Branding, Graphic Design, Copywriting

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

8 weeks


For this project, my partner and I were tasked to create a mock-conference brand identity. We were responsible for developing assets such as posters, merchandise, environmental ads. Most importantly, our conference must be centered around a bias with a list of relevant speakers.


We recognized the implicit biases surrounding many of the cultural foods in America. Ironically, traditional meals beloved by immigrants are often generalized as "ethnic", although this country's entire foundation is built upon the backs of immigrants. In an attempt to reclaim the term, we created Ethnic Aisle, a conference focused on educating folks about the rich history behind these foods and opening a discourse on systemic discrimination.


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