PROP Magazine — Issue 01

A publication dedicated to the pioneers and tastemakers of our culture; giving credit where is due.

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Keeping Record

PROP Magazine is a publication aimed to recount the untold truths of our culture's pioneers and tastemakers, whether that be musicians, producers, directors, etc. Issue 001 is titled after the most sampled song in music history, Amen, Brother. It explores the roots of music sampling, the technology behind these inventive sounds, and the story of The Winstons. 


Appreciating the Past

In the uncertain world around us, music has served as an escape, a past-time, a sense of relief or hope, a place to weep and feel, or a simple backdrop to the moment we’re living in. It’s history and the musicians within it are rich with stories, admittedly not all that is of cheerful memories, but stories nonetheless that capture the human experience. As we’ve blazed into the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the complexities music offers and underscore the people behind our favorite tunes. PROP Magazine is dedicated to telling the untold truths of our culture’s tastemakers and pioneers;
giving credit where credit is due. 

Amen, Brother

The Winstons unknowingly created a drum break that would be sampled time and time again, in over 4,000 songs. Their influence upon music culture went widely uncredited, sparking debates around the ethics of music sampling. However, understanding how sampling has evolved into the art form it is today unveils the complex nature of paying homage while crafting something that would not be possible without the original sounds.

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