An exploration of Frank Ocean’s 2012 album, Channel Orange, through an amalgamation of visualizers, shared stories, and narratives from the perspective of the listener.



Ebrima Jassey, Jubilee Cho

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Installation, Copywriting

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


Inspired by Ocean’s lyrics in End, the concluding track on the record, wwworldinyourhands serves as a larger metaphor for the three-part journey that makes up our project: a digital platform, installation, and publication. In building a web of stories across the world through our digital platform, recreating a selection of those experiences in an installation, and capturing the nuances of those narratives in our publication - we hope to unveil the same musical threads that tied us closer together for others, bringing a world of memories into your hands.

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Digital Platform

Collecting memories from around the world 
of Channel Orange through our website that is open for submissions 6 months prior to our installation.



Recreating a selection of the collected narratives and 
creating an immersive experience through our installation.

The foundation of our project is rooted in the narratives and personal experiences with Frank Ocean's Channel Orange that we've collected. We sought to bring a selection of these stories to life through a short film, which we displayed in our installation. This is one segment of three parts.



Encapsulating a world of narratives and 
experiences into a physical artifact that can be preserved and collected.


When I first entered the design program at the University of Washington, Ebrima and Jubilee were among the first people whom I found a real connection with on this journey towards discovering what visual communication meant to me. Collaborating with them helped form this entirely new perspective on how design could be utilized to tell stories, and it made me ever more eager to continue doing just that. 

In rounding out of my career as an undergraduate, I am grateful to have been able to see this project through with my literal day ones! It was a labor of love, from the initial stages of conceptualization to the installation days. We truly have the world in our hands, and I'm excited to see where life takes us.

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